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Kristaps Neretnieks - Best Latvian and Baltic horse show jumping rider.

Kristaps Neretnieks is a leading Latvian and Baltic show jumping rider. He has established and broken Latvian show jumping records several times in his career and is the first independent Latvian athlete to qualify for the Olympic Games. Mr. Neretnieks is among the 100 best show jumping riders in the world, and with his Olympic horse Moon Ray they have won Kristaps Neretnieks - Best Latvian and Baltic horse show jumping rider.many high-level tournaments and made the name and anthem of Latvia sound loud and great.

Helvijs Babris - 2020. Latvian BMX champion.

Helvijs Babris participated in the  2020 Tokyo summer Olympics and finished 12th overall. Helvijs is the second Olympian supported by Amrita Water, and as he says himself: '' Water is an indispensable part of my training procedure as an athlete. I take Amrita with me to every practice session or gym training. Obviously - if an athlete doesnt drink enough water, it is impossible to achieve the highest results. And i am very grateful for the opportunity to drink Amrita daily as its unique qualities help me push myself to higher and higher achievements!''