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Our Story


The name AMRITA in Sanskrit - the eldest sacral language in the world - translates as “the nectar of immortality".  It is not only the meaning of the word that matters, but also its phonetic vibration, which carries the charge of sacred energy by sound - the finest of all primeval elements.

Water is an information carrier. This neutral substance, which works as an interface, absorbs fine vibrations of a particular place at a particular moment in time. Therefore, various rituals are conducted with water: it is being used consecration, for example. However, there is one detail: this substance constantly changes its properties. If you go to the nearest church and obtain consecrated water there, put it on the shelves of a supermarket and people in the supermarket will, for instance, start cursing nearby, the structure of this water will be immediately transformed. Therefore, if a person in the same supermarket, passes through the shelves with water and to himself repeats the name “AMRITA”, the positive charge of the product will be retained and even increased.


Our objective was to develop a perfect water in every single detail.

Finding perfectly pure gold in nature is impossible. It has to be refined. The situation with water is the same. It will always contain additives, depending on what rocks it has passed through, and, respectively – either excessive or insufficient amounts of elements are being absorbed. And, since our environment is often contaminated, some of these additives can even be harmful. Therefore, a perfect water must not contain anything that can negatively affect your body. Its mineralization must be ideally balanced in a manner that makes water beneficial for humans. Because life is about balance, and even healthy minerals, when consumed in excess, can be harmful to your joints, for example.

AMRITA has been developed by the ''Latvian Institute of Innovative Biomedical Technology'' over many years of research.

Our “know-how” lies in the unique taste properties of AMRITA and the capacity to industrially produce large amounts of product while providing high quality guarantees. In search of a base water, the institute analyzed water from different regions of Northern Europe and concluded that water deposits at the depth of 153 meters in the dolomite layer on the left bank of the river Daugava are the closest nature has come to the ''ideal'' water. Its natural pH is 8.0 and it does not contain harmful additives. This water is then passed through several filters, including a silver filter, which removes more than 600 varieties of micro-organisms. Finally minerals and vitamins of the highest pharmaceutical quality are added to create the perfect water for humans - AMRITA.