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One reason why we age is that our body “acidifies”. The pH level in the blood of a healthy person is 7.4. Products such as meat, sweets, alcohol, nicotine, sweetened drinks and coffee lower the pH level and the concentration of hydrogen ions in our blood, making us look older, feel wearier and be sick more often.

To restore the optimal balance of acids and alkali in our bodies, we need to eat more fruit and vegetables or drink alkaline water.

Therefore, in partnership with scientists at the Institute for Innovative Biomedicine Technologies, we have created the special alkaline mineral water “Amrita”, enriched with essential salts and microelements such as zinc, selenium, magnesium, calcium, sodium, potassium and Vitamin C.



Amrita is the world’s first anti-aging water.

But we have to understand that aging and getting older are two different things.

Getting older means maturing as time progresses, while aging is the process of tissues breaking down in the body.

Wrinkles, weight gain, and sagging skin are some of the displeasing signs of aging. Getting older is not the main cause. Active oxygen (free radicals) and organic acids damage body tissues, which results in the aging process.

Amrita Water contains antioxidants that help reduce and prevent cellular and DNA damage caused by free radicals.

After the use of Amrita Water, our stomach produces bicarbonates, which neutralize acids and absorb into the bloodstream.

Sang Whang, the author of Aging and Reverse Aging, writes, “As we start to lose bicarbonates in our blood, around age 45, we begin to age physiologically,” … “All we have to do to stop aging and maintain good health is to recharge bicarbonates in the blood.”


AMRITA increases a person’s ability to delay aging and helps the body resist diseases. An increase of one tenth of a pH above 7.4 increases the ability of cells to absorb oxygen ten times. AMRITA’s pH level is 9.6, which means that AMRITA increases the ability of cells in the human body to absorb oxygen more than 200 times!

AMRITA not only has a high pH level of 9+, but is rich with microelements:

💧Zinc improves the effectiveness of our immune system and promotes fertility.

💧Selenium acts as a powerful antioxidant and protects against oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is any stress (daily stress, disease and other negative events in our lives) that acidifies or oxidizes our body. In addition, selenium reduces the risk of cancer, since it may arise and develop only in acidic conditions – if the body’s pH level is lower than 7.4.

💧Magnesium regulates metabolism and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system.

💧Potassium strengthens the nervous system.

💧Sodium supplies the muscles with energy.

💧Vitamin C acts as a potent antioxidant and delays aging.



1. Boost the Immune System

If you want to keep your immune system in good shape, balancing acidity with alkaline water is a wise choice.

2. Powerful antioxidant

It is known that higher alkaline PH water can act as an antioxidant which is beneficial for preventing damage caused by free radicals.

3. Detoxes Your Body

Drinking natural alkaline water detoxifies the body by removing  toxins accumulated from the environment, unnatural foods, and prescription drugs.

4. Effectively Balances the PH Levels

Acid-alkaline balance is another key to health and wellness. Drinking alkaline water can contribute to neutralizing acid waste and maintaining proper pH balance in the body.

5. Gives Your Energy

By having a more balanced pH level in the body, your metabolic functions will be optimized, which helps your body to produce more energy.

6. Promotes Better Hydration

Naturally, alkaline water is a healthy way to hydrate. Because of its natural mineral content, it replenishes all of the electrolytes and minerals your cells need.

7. Boost Metabolism

Magnesium maintains metabolic processes and helps the cardiovascular system.

8. Strengthens Your Bones and Muscles

Calcium takes part in strengthening the bones. Magnesium maintains the muscle health.

9. Helps with Acid Reflux

Alkaline water at pH 8.8 stops an enzyme that is connected to reflux disease.


Alkalinity is a measurement of the capacity of water to neutralize acids. It measures the presence of carbon dioxide, bicarbonate, carbonate, and hydroxide ions that are naturally present in water. At normal drinking water pH levels, bicarbonate, and carbonate are the main contributors to alkalinity.

pH and alkalinity are two different, measurable parameters of water.
Even though the pH can be very high it can be found that un-mineralized water has little ability to neutralize acid in the stomach to initiate the production of bicarbonate in the bloodstream. Amrita Water is mineralized water; thus it neutralizes acids in the stomach.
Alkalinity is a measurement of the buffering capacity of water - its ability to resist sudden changes in pH. pH is a measurement of how acidic or basic water is.