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The latest trend - Biohacking - can help you reverse aging

Enter the biohackers: people who are so dedicated to achieving the optimum in wellness and performance that they are willing to experiment on themselves. Using science, biohackers have found doable, ‘start today’ ways to live better for longer. In other words, quantity AND quality.
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The real reason we age and how to reverse it?

Have you thought about aging?

Chances are, you have.Often, the older we get, the more the topic of ‘aging’ feels negative. Yet, science and medicine have made great advances in helping people stay healthier for longer.

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9 Morning Habits That Improve Your Health And The Quality Of Your Day

Do you ever wonder why your day doesn’t turn out as good as you want it to be? The reason might be your morning habits. In this article you’ll discover 9 morning habits that improve your health and the quality of your day.