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Why you need to know the ORP of your H2O  or  What is ORP and how it could add years to your life?

Why you need to know the ORP of your H2O or What is ORP and how it could add years to your life?

Did you know that everyone has potentially dangerous molecules whizzing around inside their bodies all the time? Did you also know that keeping the...
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The latest trend - Biohacking - can help you reverse aging

Enter the biohackers: people who are so dedicated to achieving the optimum in wellness and performance that they are willing to experiment on themselves. Using science, biohackers have found doable, ‘start today’ ways to live better for longer. In other words, quantity AND quality.
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The real reason we age and how to reverse it?

Have you thought about aging?

Chances are, you have.Often, the older we get, the more the topic of ‘aging’ feels negative. Yet, science and medicine have made great advances in helping people stay healthier for longer.

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Difference Between Aging And Getting Old

Aging and getting older are two different things. Getting older means maturing within the progression of time, while aging is the process of tissues breaking down in the body. Wrinkles, weight gain and sagging skin are some of the displeasing signs of aging. Getting older is not the main cause.
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4 Proven Facts About Aging (And How AMRITA Can Help You)

Aging and related diseases are caused by organic acids that break down tissues in your body. Consuming alkaline water is one way to neutralize these acids and immobilize free radicals in your body.