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pH and alkalinity

pH and alkalinity

There is something I found with our drinking water that makes an interesting lesson about alkalinity and pH. I tested our water and to my dismay it was slightly acid but putting only a pinch of sodium bicarbonate into a half gallon moved it powerfully to the alkaline. There is some confusion between alkalinity and pH. It seems that it is not enough to drink high pH water. Alkalinity also needs to be high for the high pH water to have a strong medical affect.
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The real reason we age and how to reverse it?

Have you thought about aging?

Chances are, you have.Often, the older we get, the more the topic of ‘aging’ feels negative. Yet, science and medicine have made great advances in helping people stay healthier for longer.

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4 Proven Facts About Aging (And How AMRITA Can Help You)

Aging and related diseases are caused by organic acids that break down tissues in your body. Consuming alkaline water is one way to neutralize these acids and immobilize free radicals in your body.