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9 Morning Habits That Improve Your Health And The Quality Of Your Day

Do you ever wonder why your day doesn’t turn out as good as you want it to be? The reason might be your morning habits. In this article you’ll discover 9 morning habits that improve your health and the quality of your day.

It’s no wonder that a lot of successful and health-conscious people have developed strong morning routines. Indeed, healthy morning habits are beneficial and set the right tone for your whole day. They increase your productivity, mood, and physical health.

However, unhealthy and rushed morning activities can do the opposite. Probably you too have had days when you wake up in a rush, skip breakfast, grab a cup of coffee, get stressed out about the pile of unread emails and run to work. Then your whole day turns out messy, rushed and at the end of the day you don’t get anything done.

It’s ok if it happens from time to time. But if your mornings are consistently hurried and stressful, you’re risking on harming your physical and emotional health and decreasing your overall productivity.

So now let’s look at 9 healthy morning habits that you can start using today for a positive kick-start of your day. 

1. Stretch In The Bed

To help your muscles wake up and make your morning more pleasant, do a short 5-minute stretching while you’re still in the bed. You can start with a simple full-body stretch by reaching your arms overhead, pushing them away and at the same time, stretching your legs.   

Try what feels best for you and gently stretch each body part – arms, legs and your neck. This will develop body awareness and loosen your mind’s control of the body. And you’re now ready to get out of the bed!

2. Do Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic technique for detoxifying your whole body. In India oil pulling has been used as a traditional remedy for reducing inflammation, curing tooth decay, preventing heart disease and healing bleeding gums.

Doing oil pulling is very simple. All you have to do is place a tablespoon of extra virgin oil (coconut, olive, and sesame seed oil are the best) into your mouth and swish it around for up to 20 minutes (at least 5 minutes). Then spit the oil into your trash can (you don’t want to clog your sink!) and rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Then brush your teeth.

It’s best to do it first thing in the morning before brushing your teeth, eating or drinking anything. Then it will literally suck the toxins out of your mouth and create a clean and antiseptic oral environment. You don’t have to do oil pulling every morning. 2 or 3 times a week is enough for getting all the benefits.


3. Drink A Glass Of Alkaline Water 

Remember that 60% of your body is water. That’s why it’s essential to stay hydrated. During the night, your body has spent many hours without any water so it’s completely dehydrated.  So just after you’ve brushed your teeth, drink a tall glass of alkaline water like AMRITA water.

Drinking water upon waking helps to increase the flow of oxygen throughout your bloodstream, cleans your gut and jumpstarts your metabolism. If you’re dehydrated in the morning, you may experience headaches and mood fluctuations. But a glass of alkaline water will do the trick!

Alkaline water is especially good because it offers many benefits (1, 2). Generally, water has a pH of 5 to 7, but alkaline water has a pH of 8 to 10. It increases your body’s alkalinity which leads to better immune system’s functioning, lower blood pressure and more energy. It also has powerful anti-aging properties.

AMRITA water is unique because its pH level reaches 9.6 which is highly alkaline. AMRITA water is also rich in zinc, selenium, magnesium, sodium, calcium, potassium and ascorbic acid which all benefits your overall well-being.

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 4. Meditate

Meditation is getting more and more popular these days, but a lot of people are still neglecting it. Jet meditation offers a long list of benefits that are backed up by science. You can gain a lot if you find 20 minutes in the morning for meditation.

Some benefits of meditation include reduced stress, better concentration, lower depression and anxiety, increased happiness, slower aging and much more. All in all, meditation increases the overall quality of your life.

However, meditation might seem boring to some and unachievable to others. Indeed, if your goal is to get rid of all your thoughts, you’ll fail for sure. But that’s not the goal of meditation. The goal is to focus your attention.

There are many kinds of meditation, but the easiest way to get started is by sitting comfortably with your back straight and focusing your attention on your breath. Yes, your mind will wander around and that’s totally ok. Bring your awareness back to your breath whenever you find your mind running around.


5. Do A Gratitude Ritual

Two very strong and negative emotions that can mess up your day are fear and anger. But when you practice daily gratitude, these negative emotions have no place in your day. So, before you start your day, spend 5 minutes focusing on three things that you’re grateful for

Don’t underestimate this simple ritual. Practicing gratitude can be life-changing and it has many scientifically proven benefits. It improves physical and psychological health, enhances empathy, reduces aggression, improves your self-esteem and mental strength. And it’s so easy to do and doesn’t cost you a penny! 

Just sit down (or you can do it while taking the shower) and think about three things that you’re truly grateful for. These can be the simplest things like your morning coffee, lovers smile or sunshine.


6. Do A Light Exercise 

Another healthy habit for a good start of the day is doing a light exercise. You don’t have to lift heavy weights or do a sweaty cardio. A 15-minute yoga, small jog or a walk with your pet is more than enough. Pick an activity that you enjoy!

Light morning exercise helps you to fully wake up, kick-starts your metabolism, and helps you make healthier choices throughout the day. It also helps you to stay motivated and disciplined.


7. Ground Yourself 

Most people walk with their shoes on all the time. Their bare feet almost ever touch the ground. Grounding is an ancient technique that involves standing on the ground with your bare feet. It brings you back to a neutral, balanced state where your body can heal itself easily. If you have access to a yard, each morning stand on the grass with your bare feet for a few minutes to ground yourself.

Did you know that your body and all your cells have electrical energy? When you haven’t touched the ground with your bare feet or hand for a long time, your body can build up a lot of positive ions and your energy gets out of balance. This leads to inflammation, increased stress, low energy, and increased anxiety.     

Earth holds negative ions so by walking barefoot or touching the earth with your bare hands your energy gets balanced. Negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain which results in higher concentration and more mental energy. Grounding also reduces inflammation, increases energy, lowers stress, relieves muscle tension and boosts the healing process.

8. Share A Healthy Breakfast With Your Family 

The next healthy morning habit you should implement is having a healthy breakfast every morning, even better if you can enjoy your breakfast together with your family. When you share the breakfast table with the people you love, it builds the sense of connection. 

Nowadays many people live a high-paced life. In the morning rush, some tend to skip breakfast or eat highly processed meals like sugary cereals, bacon or a white bread sandwich. Opt for a healthier option instead, for example, a fruit smoothie, rye bread toast or a green juice. This will keep you healthy and energized throughout the day.

9. Plan Your Day

When your morning rituals come to an end, don’t jump into reading the emails right away. Instead, spend a few minutes planning your day. Start by listing your number one priority that will help you to move forwards with your goal and get to it right after the planning. 

Focus on getting done your top priority and if you have any extra time left, start doing the rest of the tasks. Try to keep your to-do list as short as you can (5 tasks is a good way to go) otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed with the long list of things you have to do and you risk spending lots of time mentally obsessing about it and procrastinating.

Planning your day ahead of the time helps you reduce stress as you’ll know what’s coming up. It also it frees up extra space in your head as you won’t spend much time thinking about different tasks you should do.

Remember: Your Morning Habits Can Shape Your Entire Life

Every morning you set up the mood for your whole day so use these 9 habits to improve the quality of your day and have a thriving health.

You don’t have to implement all of these habits, just pick a few of your favorite ones and start with those.

 Don’t underestimate small morning rituals like gratitude, drinking a glass of water and meditation. They have a big impact on your day.